Thai Driving License

want to drive in Thailand?

Here’s what you need to know. If you’ve never had any driving license before, if you have a driving license from another country or if you have a Thai driving license that needs to be renewed.

Let’s start with you. You want to get a driving license but you’ve never had one before in Thailand or in any other country. Here’s what you’ll need:
-a medical certificate from within the last month
-your ID card such as your passport or a Thai ID card
-proof of residency (this can be a house registration, a valid work permit or affirmation of residency from your embassy or an international organization from within the last six months)

And if you took driving lessons at a certified training center don’t forget your certificate. Make sure the training center is registered with the Department of Land Transport.

You’ll take all of those documents to your local Department of Land Transport office, you can find the office closest to you. On the Department of Land Transport website make sure to find out which day the English training is available.
If you didn’t take driving lessons at a certified training center you will have to watch some training videos. Then it’s time for some tests.

You’ll be tested for your reaction time for sudden braking and for your eyesight to make sure you can see depth and widths and recognize different colors. You’ll also do a multiple-choice test and a practical driving test after the tests are passed and all your documents are submitted you’ll get your new Thai driving license.