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1. What battery should be insulated at the battery terminal?

2. What causes the electricity to not flow into the battery?

3. Cause of the car not starting, which cause?

4. Check the battery easily for normal power or not. How to do

5. When should the driver use the emergency signal?

6. Which method is a preliminary solution when a short circuit occurs?

7. If the battery terminal has stains which method is the best solution?

8. To remove the battery terminal which terminal should be disconnected first?

9. Water used to refill batteries. What kind of water should be used?

10. What level of battery should be added with distilled water?

11.While driving, which warning lights should not be displayed on the dashboard:

12. What is the cause of stains on the battery terminals?

13. What is the function of the car battery?

14. How many voltages will the car's battery have?

15. What does a starter do?

16. Which one is the correct tension of the fan belt and the diaphragm?

17. While driving for a while, it appears that the red warning light indicates the cause

18. How much should the distilled water be added to flood the battery?

19. What does the charge do?

20. How should you refuel your petrol engine?

21. Gasohol oil. What does it mean?

22. What is the maximum octane number of gasohol that is sold in Thailand?

23. When checking fuel in the engine room, what should be the main check?

24. If you refill the wrong type of fuel, what should be done?

25. If you detect that the oil pipe starts to have oil leaks, what should you do?

26. If your car has an oil leak, what should you do?

27. Which statement is correct?

28. What are the differences between petrol and diesel engines?

29. In the case of a car, use only 95 octane oil. If we add fuel, 91 octane will affect what

30. In the event that the fuel is added with a higher octane number in the user manual, what will be the effect?

31. When you add fuel, what should you do?

32. Checking fuel system leaks, what should you do?

33. If you use natural gas, how will CNG affect the engine?

34. E85 petrol means

35. Which fuel has the fastest evaporation?

36. Diesel engine vehicles, if there is a warning signal in the water trap filter system. What should you do?

37. Car diesel engine, if there is a lot of abnormal black smoke, caused by what reason?

38. Which item is not a function of engine oil?

39. Engine oil change. Which parts of the engine should be changed as well

40. Checking the lubricant level in the engine. Check the equipment of any part of the engine.

41. Which is the step before checking and adding the correct engine oil level?

42. Which one is a method for observing engine oil spills?

43. What if the left side tire pressure is weak when driving?

44. If inflating the tire is too weak how will it affect the tires?

45. If inflating the tire is too hard How will it affect the tires?

46. ​​Which tire inspection is correct?

47. Which tire is correct?

48. Normally, tires should be switched for distances of how many kilometers?

49. Which item does not cause the tire to explode?

50. What is the function of rubber?

51. Tire inflating for cars what should be done?

52. What are the benefits of a rubber air cap?

53. Changing the tire size is too small, how will it result?

54. How to change the tire size too large will have a negative effect?

55. What do the first two numbers 21 indicate?

56. What do the two numbers after 13 indicate?

62.195/60 R 14 85H R means?

63. How to check the tension of the belt?

64. Which part of the car's equipment is not related to the belt system

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67. What is the disadvantage of not checking vehicles before use

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68. If the noise of the round (or creaking. What is causing the loud noise from the engine compartment

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69. Which of the following is not the reason why belt should be replaced

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70. Which sound is an abnormal sound from a car?

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71. Which of the following is not the cause of white exhaust fumes?

72. Which of the following is not a cause of not starting the car?

73. Which of the following is not a cause of engine overheating?

74. While driving, what does a red battery warning light show on the dashboard?

75. The handbrake should not be used in any situation.

76. In what situations should the handbrake be used?

77. Should avoid using the brakes severely in any situation

78. How to extend the service life of brake pads should be done How?

81. Which wheels will the foot brake work on?

82. what is the color of quality brake fluid?

83. what color is the deteriorated brake fluid

84. the handbrake controls which wheels of the car

85. When the brakes are pressed and there is a noise, what is the reason?

86. Brake pads will work with what part of the car

87. Which of the following is the function of engine oil

88. Which of the following is not a function of engine oil?

89. Preparation of the car before measuring the engine oil level Which of the following is correct?

90. Checking the engine oil level can be seen from anything:

91. Which engine oil level measurement is the best?

92 .If the engine oil level is too high, what effect will it have?

93. If the engine oil level is too low, what effect will it have?

94.To ensure the safety of using the car, the engine oil level should be checked at least

95. When should brake fluid be changed?

96. What are the properties of brake fluid ?

97. Which of the following is the engine oil level measurement?

98. If the power oil level is lower than the specified How will it affect your driving?

99. When should brake fluid be replaced

100. Which of the following is not a property of engine oil

101. Which of the following is not an inspection of engine oil

102.How much should you add engine oil?

103. What is the function of a car radiator?

104. Filling water in the water tank should be filled to what level

105. What should the normal operating engine temperature be?

106. If the engine overheats, what should not be done?

107. What will happen if the radiator fan is broken?

108. What is the function of the radiator fan?

109. In what case you should not open the radiator?

110. The condition of the radiator hose that is still in good use must look like

111. Car water pump What is the function?

112.Which one is the way to prevent the engine from overheating?

113. Checking the tire pressure Which wheels must be inspected?

114. Which of the following is incorrect?

115. Which of the following is incorrect about checking the car before use?

116. Which of the following is an incorrect inspection and maintenance of automobile equipment?

117. Checking the oil level in the engine. When should I check?

118. To remove the battery terminal Should be removed before any terminal

119. The liquid level in the following. If the level is low, it is likely to cause an accident.

120. Why should not add water in the radiator tank to a full tank?

121.Which of the following is incorrect

122. How to check the correct tire pressure?

123.Which of the following is not a cause of the engine will not start or difficult to start

124. Checking the correct tire pressure When to do?

125. The battery life is less than usual. What is the cause?

126. Radiator seepage from what?

127. If water is added to the radiator tank, do not add any type of water

128. Preliminary check of the tension - slack of the engine belt How should I check?

129. What should I check for electrical systems in a car?

130. Filling the water in the radiator tank should be at what level?

131. Why shouldn't you fill the tank with water to the top?