Welcome to your Etiquette and consciousness

64 Which of the following is a driving behavior that should not be done?

10. Drivers should do to overtake the car safely and without manners.

96 Which of the following should not be practiced? When a car behind you is overtaking your car

71 Which of the following is incorrect?

15. The correct use of high lights and not bad manners

12. When driving in the far right lane and a rear car drives up at high speed. What should you do?

30. How to check your car?

63 What causes the most accidents?

11. What should you do when other drivers give traffic lights to share traffic lanes with you?

40. While you drive on the road and others are sharing the spirit of the road which is not a way to act.

3. In the event that you drive through an alley with lots of cars waiting to be departed, what should be done?

67 Which of the following is a bad manners in driving a car?

88 If you want to park the car as shown in the picture. Can you just park temporarily?

68 Cause of accident

83 From the picture, when the yellow car wants to drive straight What should be done

48. After the accident and survived, which is a concept that reflects the driver's awareness of safety in the use of cars on the road.

53 What idioms remind the driver to ensure safety?

93 If you see a disabled person crossing the road How should the driver act?

4. What is the driver's attitude and consciousness to drive safely?

35. If there is a driver hijacking your car in the far right lane and honk the horn after the left lane is empty. How should you act?

108 What are the causes of most road accidents?

42. Which item shows awareness of safe driving? By avoiding risky behaviors and unsafe actions

23. Driving through a community, school, or crowded place what should be done?

54 Instilling awareness of safety in using road vehicles should be done at which person is the most?

79 from the picture, what should the red car do?

41. In the event that you drive a car illegally, violate traffic rules, or cause trouble for others when the owner of the vehicle is facing you, what should be done is

82 From the picture, the car is at the crosswalk. What should be done

73 Which of the following is the behavior that can be done in the case of high beam use?

56 in the event of an accident and injury What should the driver take into account first?

26. What do you think is driving without consciousness?

100 What behaviors the driver should not commit?

89 when you hear the siren signal of the emergency car. How do you do it?

44. When passing or changing lanes, be safe and mannered. Which is not a good manner to drive a car?

17. Which item is a correct behavior and shows good manners for drivers?

91 from the situation as shown in the picture. How should the driver act?

78 From the picture If you are driving into a crosswalk, what should you do?

7. What drivers should do when they see people standing on the sidewalk and showing signs of crossing the road at the crosswalk.

28. Drive on the right highway appropriate. What should be done?

57 Driving too far from the car in front What will be the effect?

29. Which item is the most accurate practice?

107 drivers should be qualified, however,

99 How should a good driver be ready?

25. Which of the following do you think is a very bad etiquette?

84 Which of the following is correct in driving from the alley to the main road?

85 from the picture while the light is green. If you want to turn right but he heard a fire truck signal coming to his right.

65 Which of the following is good manners for driving?

69 Which of the following is not a safe and energy-saving driving?

75. Which item is unconscious and may cause the most danger?

70 What is the main reason that driving at night is at higher risk of accidents than during the day.

61 Which of the following is wrong?

105 Using high beams or beeping lights to chase the car in front indicates that the driver lacks anything.

13. What should you do when other drivers open the road for you to go first or participate in traffic lanes as well?

49. Good driving etiquette makes driving on the roads safe which is the etiquette that should be followed.

2. Driving a car at an intersection with more than 2 lanes. Which is correct?

102 What things the driver should not do?

103 Changing traffic lanes What should be done

8. Providing the correct light signal when driving into a crossroad

52 What are the driving etiquettes that drivers should do?

45. When the car that drives behind comes to give a signal to overtake. Good etiquette to show the response that consent is overtaking.

59 What things the driver should not do?

39. Which item should not be followed to drive safely to destination?

19. While you drive the car and notice that there are people crossing the road in front. What will you do?

6. What should drivers do when they receive a yellow signal?

33. Driving on an uphill and downhill road and there are dangerous bends along the way. What should you drive?

72 When there is a large number of accumulated vehicles at the foot of the bridge crossing that must be driven through, what should be done?

24. If while driving you noticed that public buses, truck or other vehicle that the driver has a careless behavior Terrifying and may cause an accident How will you manage?

77 Which of the following is the correct use of the horn signal?

62 What are the most important factors causing road accidents?

32. Driving during heavy rain, how should you drive?

14. What is the behavior of the driver that is behaviorless and may cause an accident?

95 What is good manners in parking?

5. What drivers should not do when receiving a green light to drive the car?

36. While traffic jams and vehicles in front of your car have decided to use the left shoulder lane and other cars followed. What will you do?

94 Which of the following is incorrect?

98 Which of the following pictures? It's the wrong seat belt fastening.

34. Before using a long-distance travel car, how should you prepare?

22. Driving through curves, intersections, junctions. At night, how should the appropriate headlights be used?

47. While you are driving on the road and noticed that in front of people crossing the road without crosswalk. Which one is considered a correct practice?

97 Which of the following reduces the concentration of driving?

66 Parking in front of the door of other people's houses by disconnecting the neutral gear and not pulling the handbrake

27. Do you think what the driver should be done to drive the car to be safe?

76 If an emergency vehicle is found, the siren is running behind. What should the driver do?

60 Change of traffic lanes What should be done

104 Good manners in parking. What should be done

9. Who has to wear seat belts while traveling in a car for life safety?

43. While you drive on the road there is an accident in front of. What is not a way to comply with the car. Coming back, knowing that you need to slow down or stop and stop the car without crashing into the back of your car.

81 from the picture, when you want to turn left into the alley. What should you do?

20. If a driver is making a U-turn into the lane where you are driving. How will you decide?

86 from the picture while the light is green. If you want to drive straight but you heard an ambulance coming to your right, you should

18. When driving into a community with traffic congestion. What should a driver do?

31. Which item can be considered as a conscious driver?

21. During night time driving how should the car headlights be used?

1. What should be done when driving into a roundabout without traffic lights?

16. What actions of drivers, which are acts that show courtesy and kindness to road users?

74 Parking is blocking another vehicle. What should be done

46. ​​Which of the following are driving behaviors that show that the driver has a sense of safety in using the car on the road?

106 Which of the following is correct?

80 from the picture, what should the yellow car do?

55 When seeing pedestrians crossing the road, what should the driver do?

38. While you drive on the highway Use the speed required by law. In the far right lane there is a car running at high speed or flashing highlights from behind you to. Ask for things that you should do

37. Which item is a behavior that should be observed on the road?

50. When should the driver use the horn?

109 What causes the most accidents?

58 Which of the following is a correct driving, both traffic rules and driving etiquette?

51 What driver's actions? that may cause the most accidents