Welcome to your Road traffic law Train

7. What kind of vehicle can be used on the road?

35. When can the horn sound be used?

5. Parking must be parked at a distance of not more than a few centimeters from the curb.

23. In any area, driving is not allowed to overtake other vehicles.

49. Which emergency light can be turned on correctly?

32. When arriving at the railroad and there is a passing train. What should the driver do?

42. To give a turn signal how far must the driver of other vehicles be able to see?

13. When the traffic officer stands and stretches his lower right arm perpendicular to the upper arm and palms up, the driver who drives the car from which side of the traffic officer must stop the car.

50. In carrying goods. What should the driver do?

28. Where can the driver overtake?

26. Who does not have a duty to make a traffic signal under the Road Traffic Act B.E. 2522.

17. Signaling with arms with the driver extending his right arm straight outside the car at shoulder level and waving many hands up and down times. What does that driver mean?

8. Any vehicle in which it is prohibited to be used in a way

34. When an accident occurs, what is the effect of a fleeing driver?

3. How to stop the car at an intersection, what should the driver do?

12. When the traffic officer stands and stretches his left arm to shoulder level. The driver who drives from the side of the traffic staff must stop.

2. How do drivers want to turn the car?

39. What is the penalty for driving while detecting alcohol in the body more than the legal limit?

21. In driving opposite directions what should the driver do?

18. How far must the driver drive the car from the front car?

31. Which of the following driving conditions is correct?

43. How will the driver who turns the car have to give a hand signal?

46. ​​Which item is correct?

30. Where can I park my car?

25. When the driver finds the symbol "Always turn left" what should the driver do?

27. Which of the following is not correct by the driver?

44. At the junction and there is a sign prohibiting U-turn, but the traffic officer allows the driver to make a U-turn. What to do?

20. The driver must turn on the headlights or taillights of the car. Let other vehicles see at a distance not less than

10. Which car can be used in a road

40. In Bangkok, Pattaya or municipality what speed does it have to drive?

6. To overtake, the car in front must overtake on the right hand side. Except for any cases that can overtake the left hand side

14. Driving through a junction with a red flashing traffic signal. What should the driver do?

33. Where can use the horn sound?

24. In which areas can make a U-turn?

51. Towing a car that cannot use the steering wheel or brake, what should be done?

47. In two or more traffic lanes in the same direction. Motorcycle rider What should be done?

9. What does a safe zone mean?

11. A cross-shaped red traffic light above the bus lane Prohibiting the driver to drive

48. Anyone exempted from wearing a helmet while traveling on a motorcycle

41. Outside Bangkok Pattaya or municipality what speed does it have to drive?

4. Where no overtake is allowed?

37. Before turning the car, must enter the lane of turning and turn on the light before turning the car no less than how many meters

16. Drivers must drive on the left side of the road. Except in either case, can travel on the right hand side or In the middle of the roadway

36. When driving, how far should the vehicle be spaced?

1. What should be done to drive via a crossroad?

38. Drivers who drink alcohol when measuring alcohol levels in the breath must not exceed how much.

45. How should the driver want to make a U-turn?

19. How many meters does the driver want to turn left to drive in the left lane before reaching the turn?

22. No driver must overtake to get in front of other vehicles while there is fog, dust, rain or smoke so that the distance ahead cannot be seen.

52. Cars with slow speeds. What should the driver do?

15. Driving via an intersection with traffic lights, flashing amber. What should a driver do?

29. When changing lanes or overtaking a car , what should always be done?